Let’s Have an Autumn Wedding


Summer is the most common season for a wedding, but autumn can be magical. There are so many advantages to having an autumn wedding. We’ll name just a few here:

Have an outdoor wedding.

Autumn is a great season for outdoor weddings as the guests will not overheat and there are quite a few sunny days to plan a great celebration.

Wear your favorite boots.

This season is a great one since you can wear your favorite stuff, the dress that may not be the best fit for summer, your bride’s maids in your sweaters, and maybe jeans or dresses with sleeves, get your favorite boots under your dress.


Have a soup course

This is the season that can manage a soup course, unlike the summer. Additionally, you can manage a nice chocolate cake, maybe donuts, pumpkin pie shooters, nice wedding tables pumpkin decors, warm earthy colors.

Booking of wedding transportation and venues is easier

Booking venue and wedding limo in autumn is easier and faster. Not so much rush and not so crowded as in summer and spring. Therefore less stressful.

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