Who We are

Rolls Royce Classic Limos Inc. is a family-operated limousine rental business in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and anywhere we are needed to be.

With an extreme passion for cars and motorcycles, the owner was inspired to begin chauffeuring many happy clients after his wedding experience being chauffeured in a luxurious, classic, and timeless Rolls Royce.

All of the classic cars are owned and maintained by the owner. Each one of the classics has a story behind them as they have been passed down from generations. Be sure to ask your chauffeur because to us we are not just renting you a car, we are connecting your occasion to a history of magical moments.

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Our Fleet

Our classic and vintage limousines are meticulously restored to its original condition.

You will find that the uniqueness of our fleet, condition of our vehicles, and our outstanding service is unmatched.

ROLLS ROYCE Ghost 2014

This magnificent vehicle is a full-sized luxurious car from the updated Rolls Royce Ghost family. Ghost 2014 is adapted for more comfortable driving but at the same time offers a tremendous passenger experience. The interior is improved in such a way that it enhances the connection between passengers and makes communication easier.

This exceptional luxurious car is great for any occasion, so gather your friends and give them an unforgettable experience. Work like a boss, then party like a boss with our car rental. Contact us for more information.

Color: WHITE

ROLLS ROYCE Silver Cloud The Queen 1960

This beauty comes from the RR Silver Cloud family. These luxury feel cars were made from 1955 to 1966. Their beauty and elegance are timeless. RR Silver Cloud II is a luxurious and sophisticated vehicle, guaranteed to give you a royal treatment. By renting this car you will make special life events feel even more special and on the next level. Every day is another chance for good times, but when it comes to extra special days, we got your back.

“The Queen” will make you, your friends, and loved ones feel like royalty. Make your day even more glamorous and exciting by renting this classic beauty.

Color: WHITE

ROLLS ROYCE Phantom 2009

This powerful vehicle combines strength and elegance and gives quite a statement. This upgraded version of the original model from 2003 went out of the factory in 2009 and won the hearts of classic car lovers from across the world. Phantom 2009 offers comfort and class for every occasion. Whether you want to party in style, make your special day even more special, or make a romantic gesture for your significant other, Phantom 2009 is definitely a great choice.

A luxury car like this can make a huge difference for any event. Everything is easier when you feel good, treat yourself with the best of the best and enjoy the ride.

Color: WHITE

MERCEDES’ BENZ Sprinter Party Bus 2014

This Mercedes beast is ready to take your party to a whole new level. Made for people of action and various terrains, with an immerse power, Sprinter Party bus 2014 is a great companion for any ride. Adaptable for your needs and your lifestyle. A must-have for any larger party crews that are willing to make a statement with their arrival.

Gather your friends, pop up some bubbly, and relax, because we are here for you. Party in style anytime you want, enjoy the service of our team, and the luxurious feeling of our vehicles. Style and class never go out of trend!

Color: BLACK

MERCEDES BENZ 230 SL Classic Two Seater Convertible 1966

Color: BLACK


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